Is it often for you to gather with your friends to spend fun and enjoyable evening that you will remember for a long time? As for vovasoft team it was one of such nights, when the idea of the game FINGSTAR was born.

We had a party at one’s house. We had been having fun, dancing, but after tasty dinner everybody took his place on the sofa and became a little bored. Then our friend brought iPad and offered to play any team game. We had begun to look through apps in the App Store and to our surprise found very few games for more than one or two players. After trying a few applications, we soon felt bored and decided to take an old box of our favorite game Twister. We were lost in time and had an evening full of fun!

The next day, coming to work, the idea that in the age of technology advantage we still chose the old games was spinning in the heads of almost all of us. Of course, in the morning meeting, the idea was announced. Afterwards the thoughts of all our staff were busy at the point of creating such an app, that would serve great entertainment not only for two persons, but more, for a small group of people. It was a long and difficult process. But once a great concept came to the mind: to transfer the idea of such beloved Twister to the space of electronics. Is it possible? Of course, just use your fingers.


A real brainstorm started:) Our ideas board was fully covered with writings of such various thoughts, that we were becoming both happy and scared:) At first, it was just a field with spots of different colors, where you need to put your fingers. Then these spots started to move in different paths on that field. A little later, the chips turned into playable chips, that were divided into two groups: chips-targets and chips that must be grabbed and dragged to the targets. Having seen it, vovasoft designer decided that chips to grab must be stars and a player needs to drag round shells of the stars. Nobody could argue:)

design concept

As in any development process, our original idea has undergone many changes and amendments. But when the concept of the game with all the rules was fully defined and approved, a new challenging period - detailed app design set in. As stated above, the flash of inspiration about chips view stroke our designer at the period of logical structure of the game. But we had to work hard over the total design of the application. The app’s backgrounds required special work. There were so many ideas about them: real photos, textures, imaginary pictures. But the designer created so cute abstract backgrounds with curious geometric patterns. Everyone from vovasoft team liked them so much, that all backgrounds were chosen and set as desktop ones. And now we have corporate desktop backgrounds:)


Certainly, one of the key phases of the project is a musical accompaniment. We faced a big trouble, because none of us could write music. But quite by chance, we were introduced to a very talented and splendid composer F.A.M.E. Thanks to him, the game gained a full musical background. It’s not only one track. It’s quite different melodies for each levels pack, the variety of tracks for every game mode and musical accompaniment of level passing, that indicates your loosing or winning. 

 We easily invent the name of the game. We just crossed three words:


                                                                       finger + twister + star = FINGSTAR

finger - what you play with

twister - the underlay idea

star - the view of chip 

Perhaps the most enjoyable moment of the entire period of FINGSTAR development was its testing. At first it had been done by professionals, but later interactive testing started :) Every day our friends came to us and had a great time playing FINGSTAR  Everybody were rejoicing and laughing with all his heart. At that moment we realized that our idea of a well team-playing iPad game had been implemented successfully! Modes for 4 players were played even by ten persons:)   

To tell the truth, now when we are going to relax somewhere with friends, one of us always takes iPad and tells us - Let's FINGSTAR!

FINGSTAR screenshot