Amazing Fingers is a combination of the popular game Twister for your fingers and dynamic puzzles. The point of the game is to drag chips of the different colors to their targets, which can be in static or moving along different trajectories. As you progress through a level, playing field background changes colors and by the end of the level you will see that the iPad screen is filled with different bright colors. To have more fun, use only one hand of fingers. The difference between this application and other Twisters for fingers is that Amazing Fingers allows you to play alone or with your friends.



Challenge your brain skills and train your associative thinking. Have a great time playing word puzzle and expand your vocabulary. The idea of the game is to guess a word with the help of 4 pictures. VIVID WORD is characterized by:
★ Simple and lovely interface
★ Funny background music
★ Levels of different difficulty
★ Interesting quotes of famous people
★ Very addictive gameplay



It’s a very addictive game for friends, family and kids! You will dive into a wild world of contest with each other to collect your army of wild animals. Choose animal that you want to play with and seize all opponent’s animals. The rules are simple: you just need to throw your chips into opponent’s ones and touch as many animals as you can. So all the touched opponent’s chips will become yours.



Train your brain with a new unique word puzzle LETTERS MIX. You need to guess the word by the set of the given letters. But there are no pics. You have to hurry up to win, because the time scale is disappearing rapidly. When you lose the pic of word appears and your score is reset.
You need a good vocabulary, speed reaction and the ability to quickly combine different words from letters to succeed. LETTERS MIX helps to improve operative memory, attention, combinatorial abilities.



Проводите весело время, тренируйте мозг, увеличивайте словарный запас, играя в интеллектуальные пазлы нового уровня! Смысл игры заключается в угадывании слова по 4 изображениям, связанных ассоциациями.
Приложение СЛОВО - это русская версия популярной на весь мир игры, которая отличается:
- Простым и ярким ИНТЕРФЕЙСОМ, который не может не понравиться.
- Приятной сопровождающей МУЗЫКОЙ
- Различными УРОВНЯМИ сложности
- Интереснейшими ЦИТАТАМИ, которые захочется выписать.