Today we want to introduce a great fund that has helped and continue helping many people in Russia. 

Russian Aid Fund is one of biggest charitable foundations in Russia. It was established in 1996 as a charity program of publishing house to assist people who wrote desperate letters to the newspaper "Kommersant". 

The Fund's mission is helping seriously ill children, facilitating civil society, the introduction of advanced medical technology. Only in 2013, more than 6.15 million viewers of “Perviy kanal", readers of, 40 regional media, that are partners of RusFound, more than 700 companies and organizations have helped exhaustively 2329 children from Russia and CIS countries.

Fund's basic principles:

- targeted assistance;

- systematic and integrated approach to the organization of fundraising;

- accountability and transparency;

- regular dialogue and cooperation with partners and benefactors.

So we would like to encourage everybody to visit this site to learn more about the Fund and different forms of aid and support, that you can choose and help!