Every developer knows what a great problem to stand out of a million apps in the App Store. Because even great apps can become lost in a sea of different types and analogies. So we've decided to help all the programmers who start making their first application with our own experience tips of creating a stunning design for your app.

Interface: Simple to use, nice to see

Look at many apps in the App Store: you open it and don’t know what to do. It will take some time to understand what button you should tap or what element choose. You can loose a lot of users just because of the long chain of actions to start using you app. That’s why first try to think over all the scheme of the starting the app and only when it’s ready, proceed with designing. Don’t overload the screen with a bunch of buttons, stripes and other elements. You should look at your design and feel lightness without loosing informational content. 

Look at this great example of weather app The Climate Clock app, it looks excellent: 


 Choose colour theme

You’ll better find an appropriate colour theme for a whole application and try to keep up to it, creating interface of the app, pages of the site. Try to place screenshots of the app, logo and home page of your site in one place and look at all of them at once. They all should be of a similar style like one piece of design. It’s best to make all the users get accustomed to the style of your company and let them recognise your brand at first glance of your app.        

Look at this wonderful app and you will never forget it: 

Fifty three

 Image quality

Avoid appearing blurry and pixelation on the screen of device while running your app. To prevent this always use high-resolution images for iPhone, iPad retina display. It’s better to upload twice big in resolution pics. And check icon, background, splash screen many times before uploading. 

But don’t berate yourself too much, even world-known companies make mistakes:


Impress at first step

The important thing of the whole design is a splash screen. Users become familiar with your app by a splash screen and if they don’t like it,the impression of your app won’t be good. That’s why you must think it thoroughly and try to use your most creative idea to make it. 



Keep the track of events

It’s obligatory for designer to be familiar with all OS updates and so on. The great designer doesn’t  just create masterpieces. He should gather information, analyse it and create basing on acquired knowledge. For example, if you want your app to look great in iOS7, it’s better to read this